Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Did you say Tenga??

First I was not totally honest with you in my last post.....I ordered one more thing.........The Tenga Egg Masturbation Sleeve. I know a few of our readers had expressed an interest in this product, and since I could get it free from Eden Fantasys I ordered one. I wasn't sure I wanted to do a review on it, or more correctly my suckered in subject would want to do a review. However he agreed so here we go........


This is what the Eden Fantasys website has to say.
Material: Silicone
Material Safety: 10/10
Safety Features: Food-grade material / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free / Hypo-allergenic   
Color: Clear
Length: 2 inches
Fits up to: 3 inches
Ccircumference: 5 and 1/2 inches
Weight: 1.7 ounces

 That really isn't that much information in my experience. But I guess with a masturbation sleeve you don't really need a TON of directions. So the box arrives and I am all giddy. I pull out the egg and show my subject. Who agrees to give it a try. 

The packaging is very simple, a fairly thin plastic white egg with a printed wrapper to seal it. Reminds me of an easter egg that you might have hunted for as a child only white. Of course we pop the thing open and inside is this silicone blobby. It has a little tube in the middle that helps support it and contains an individual packet of lube. (The lube was not used as subject prefers ID Glide) The egg does have a slight smell to it when first opened. Much like condoms do. Not strong or bad by any means, just there.  

When first asked about how the "testing" went the reaction was "Not Impressed!"
This is how it was explained to me........
When a man masturbates ridges are fun, like the ridges of your fingers. *Holds up hand to demonstrate* See how they are indentations and your fingers are firm? The egg is not firm at all. It is more floppy. 
Let me step out here and say the first thing that pops in to my horrible head is "Like a hot dog down a hallway?"
When the egg is slid over the penis it has no structure, and just slides on like a too big glove. Then you use your hand for the stroke and the egg gets all bunchy and  wrinkly where your hand isn't gripping. So you have this pocket on the top on the up stroke and this excess bunch of folded wrinkly silicone at the bottom on the down stroke. The ridges just fold and roll along your skin on the inside of the egg. It doesn't provide the sensation that you would expect.  The only tightness is provided by your hand and the egg just hinders that. It is like masturbating with a condom, a THICK condom, on.
There are some good points though. 
Lube was applied directly into the egg before use and only needed to be reapplied one time. Unlike the standard every 3-5 min when done by hand.
This also cut down on the mess factor. By being a contained item it was possible to finish right in the egg and not worry about outside cleaning. This also assisted in not breaking concentration and adding to the level of enjoyment. 

Can you see the misshapen-ness it has now?

Inside out of Course

Wear and Tear
Cleaning was SUPER easy just pour water into the egg when finished to rinse out any debris and then turn inside out to clean with toy cleaner. TA DA all done. However the egg is not made for multiple uses and showed some wear and tear. When it was removed from the penis there were silicone flakes left behind on the skin. You can see on the inside where some layers were rubbed off from use. It is also now significantly stretched out and you can see visible thinning of the silicone on the tip of the egg. We did get it back into the package but it took some folding and squashing.    
I asked for a 1-10 ranking of this product and he gave me this list: 

Vagina: 7-10 (depending on the female)
Hand: 5-8 (depending on the day) 
Egg: 4 (because you have to pay for it and my hand is better and free)

 And that is that!

*All images were taken directly from and are used only as a visual aide. This review is my personal opinion and I received no compensation for my entry*


  1. When I first heard about the egg I was all wtf how do you masturbate with an egg. Now that I see the inside which looks like it hatched a tampon I still wonder wtf how do you masturbate with an egg. But reading your review I now get it I just don't see why anyone would want a tampon hatched penis sleeve.

  2. LOL!!! Love the grades that were given. Espically the hand one. :) Awesome review Becky!