Friday, August 5, 2011

I just spent $50 on a pillow

I have been eyeballing the Liberator Jaz Mini for a while now. Finally last week I bought it. I have to say it is the BEST $50 I have spent in a LONG time.

Here are the facts straight from

Liberator Jaz

For Sex That Never Goes Flat

Get turned on with Liberator Jaz. Practice improvisation and create perfect harmony with your soul mate. With Jaz, you'll hone your technique and never play the same song twice. Remember, it's not the instrument but music you make with it. This smooth bolster pillow, made from furniture grade foam, is available in seven delicious colors and two sizes, and small enough to take with you on tour for the best sex the road has to offer!


Regular Size - L-14.5” x W-18” x H-6”
Mini (travel size) - L-13” x W-15” x H-6”


Micro-suede cover zips-off for machine washing. Underneath a soft polyester water resistant liner.

Inner core:

Contoured furniture grade polyurethane foam – comfortable yet supportive.


1 pound


1-year warranty      
I purchased this from Deja Vu here in town so there was minimal packaging. Just the card-stock weight band that went around the pillow, with the Logo, dimensions and website on it. Very simple. 

I went for the red colored one. They also have lime green, electric blue and plum that I have seen. All are just covers that are removable and machine washable.

As most everyone knows I have several of the lovely conditions of Ehlers - Danlos Syndrome. Basically my bones move to much and this causes me to be in pain about 99% of the time, among other things it brings. I decided to spring for the Jaz Mini because I was hoping that it would make sex less painful. OH MAN! The only way I can describe it is like being able to see in Black and White your whole life then randomly being able to see colors.

So far I have only used the Jaz in the doggie position. This position used to cause severe pain for me, so much so I have been known to ask for it to be stopped. Now with the Jaz I have 0 pain in this position. It does take a little getting used to I will admit. The foam is firmer then an ordinary pillow so I can feel the difference in my belly. Not a bad thing by any means. This firm foam is what makes this more functional then just a normal bed pillow squished under you. Even being the mini version it is a little big for me and the man friend. So we still don't use it 100% of the time. I guess we are just little people, in stature only. *cough, cough* The angle of the Jaz pops your butt up nice and high in the air. It works well as a prop for couple toy play also. But more on that in another post....

*I purchased this item at full price. I received no compensation for this review.Also I had to use stock photos from because my personal camera is on the fritz. There was no intent to infringe on any copyrights*


  1. I have no doubt that your butt higher in the air is something he approves of. Men oh so predictable. Also awesome that you found something that works so well for you. Also great when you buy something and it works out well and doesn't end up being money wasted. Also glad to know someone is getting some sexy time, so enjoy lots for those of us who aren't :)

  2. Yay, you can do it doggy style now. I'm glad you found something to help ease your pain. :) Good review.