Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ok time with the First Time

I recieved the First Time Softee Teaser from Cal Exotics to review as a Cal Exotic sexpert.

Here are the specs for the toy:
5.25”x 1.5”/ 13.25 cm x 3.75 cm
Discreetly sized vibrator with a plushee soft removable sleeve
Powerful multi-speed vibrations
TPE (sleeve) ABS (vibrator)

This toy is pretty simple.  Just pop open the plastic packaging and pop in 2 AAA's and your ready to go.  The dial at the bottom lets you ramp up the speed and turn it down if need be for light sensations.  I tried this out first with the sleeve on and the sensation was a little too mild for me.  Even with the added benefit of the nubbs on the top if this it still wasn't enough .  It would be good for a little added stimulation if you were going to play with your partner, but by itself with the sleeve it didn't do enough to actually finish the job.  I took off the sleeve and it worked wonderful.  I think the sleeve dulled the sensation way too much for my tastes.  With the sleeve off its more like any other plastic vibe but the plastic carries the vibrations perfectly to work towards accomplishing my goal.  Its quite small so as far as thrusting goes its not the ideal thing but for clitoral stimulation is it just right.  The MSRP for this is $14.99 so its relatively cheap.  I'm pretty sure I will never use the sleeve again, but I will definitely use the vibe again.  Its got a decent seal and I have had no problems in the shower.  I have not tried it in the tub, but its just a rubber o ring at the end of the threads.  I would recommend this if your looking for a cheaper toy for light play that's waterproof, but if your into size and or strong vibrations this may not be the toy for you.

That's all for this review guys.  I'll have another soon.