Monday, July 18, 2011

Babeland Bondage Tape Review

This is my first review product from Babeland.
I was excited about this item because it was a bondage item.
The review item is Babeland Bondage Tape
The specs according to the Babeland site are that the tape is 2" wide and 50' long (the tape roll actually says that its 60' long).  This tape is made of PVC.  It comes in a shrink wrapped tape roll.  Looks like any other tape roll except it has bondage tape printed on the front.

You open the plastic and you could have it anywhere and it be mistaken for black tape... unless they are familiar with bondage tape.

So I opened my tape and proceeded to start playing.  First off it kinda smells like when you first open a pool toy (I expected that it would have an odor given the material), but its not too strong.  I licked a piece to see if it has any discernible taste... It does not.  Don't you dare judge me for licking it either.  I licked it while trying it out as a gag.  It says on the package not to use to cover mouth and I wont recommend it, but I like the feel and it makes an excellent gag/mouth cover.  Please don't mess with it if you are not familiar with the risks and the in's and out's of breath play.

I tested it out as a blindfold, because the product info states that it can be used as a light proof blindfold.  Yes it can, but you have to wrap it twice.  This particular tape is thinner than some of the other brands that I have seen and tried and it takes 2 layers to be light proof.  I does not stick to hair which is a major plus.

To use this as clothing I recommend you have another person help you.  It is rather difficult to get the tape to lay flat when you are doing it yourself.  The tape rolls up big time.  I almost couldn't get my boobs bound by myself and then I had to go over them again.  My butt...well I'm not going to be wearing a PVC tape skirt any time soon.  It would work perfectly, but one I am not a fan of skirts and two I really don't want to see how much PVC tape it takes just to cover my ass :)  It does feel really cool on though.  I would imagine this would be best used as a fun way to dress up sexy at home.  I sure as hell don't have the balls to wear just tape as an outfit, but I know there are some people out there that do.

As for its main purpose as a type of bondage restraint...It is excellent.  It is very strong and can take a lot of pulling.  The tape does bunch when you pull on it so I would be careful about pulling too hard if.  It can be painful on the extremity that is bound and if you don't like a little pain that would potentially be unpleasant.  The tape is really soft though so I found the sensation pleasant.  There are all sorts of possibilities with this really its up to your imagination.  Tie a leg to the ceiling fan and watch her spin :)  J/K about the ceiling fan, but really there are so many different ways that you can incorporate this into even vanilla naughty time.

Its supposed to be reusable...Honestly its a pain in the ass to roll it back on to the roll.  I haven't reused tape that I used already.  I know that awful and so wasteful and I really cant get that crap back on the roll.  I didn't throw it away just kinda kept it stashed in my "adult" drawer.  Which is all packed up now so I don't know what to do with the excess...I may try to roll it on again.

Anyway so all in all great product.  Love that its super versatile, but I don't love that its hard to handle and tough ass hell to get back on the roll.  For a couple just to play around occasionally I think this would be great.

If it looks like fun and you want to try it for yourself you can find it here.

That's all from me for now.  I know I have busted out a few posts in a short period of time...I have been preparing for the move and I really wanted to get these reviews out of the way.  I will be out of the blogger loop in the next few weeks after internet is shut off here and I start the trip back across country.  Hope you all are doing great and I'll be back on before you know it :)

Adventures In Bondage- My first play party

Last weekend marks a step up in my immersion into the BDSM community.  I attended my first play party.  It was nothing really major.  The attendance was pretty small.  Around 15 people showed up.

My rope class put on a party last weekend at one someones loft in LA and I decided that it was time for me to attend one.  I am super comfortable with my rope people and I have gotten to make some great friends.  I knew most of the people who were there so it was a easy and relaxing atmosphere to go into.

The party was centered around shibari but there was all kinds of fun to be had.  It really was just like any other get together except there was less clothes, bondage, and a few scenes going on.  Contrary to any misconceptions there was not sex going on everywhere.  Its all actually pretty chill...with the exception of a scene that my bondage instructor Sol participated in.  In between tying and the scenes that they had going on we all just hung out and chatted.

SO the scenes were a new thing for me.  I have played around in the classes, but I really got to see what a bondage scene was all about this past weekend.  I didn't participate in any scenes.  I was more like playing hostess running around checking on people and talking to them.  There were 3 scenes that I saw.  One was a Domme (thats a female Dominant, this one is actually a professional) that tied a man to a chair.  His entire body was bound up and he was blindfolded and gagged by rope.  She was doing if you don't know what that is its cock and ball torture.  I really don't have the stomach for it.  Its kinda scary.  She had rope and a bamboo stick and that guy was in heaven.  I didn't hang around for all of that though.

The scene that Sol did was crazy.  He did a forced take down and suspension and it was spectacular.  The guy was into masks and restricted breathing so he was wearing a leather bunny mask.  Again not something that is my thing, but whatever, that is his kink.  So leather bunny mask in place and Sol starts the scene.  Now you guys are gonna realize how redneck I can be because it basically looked like Sol was wrestling a greased pig to the ground and hog tying him.  Not really a hog tie, but that's kinda how it felt to me.  Sol did some spectacular high speed tying on this guy and got him into a crossed leg position and winched him down into a leaning forward position.  Then he had 2 of the guys lift him so he could suspend him in the air in that seated position.  After that the Domme got some licks in with a bamboo can and she took no mercy.  He had his ass tore up.  Like almost breaking skin tore up.  They took him down after he called yellow.  Which meant he had enough.

I was in awe by it all.  My kink may not extend to that level, but I wasn't disgusted.  I can tell that my mentality about it all is changing the more that I participate in activities.  I can sit and be objective and not be disturbed by most things that I may not be particularly into.

The last scene was more my speed.  A wonderful friend of mine B got tied up and teased by my other friend M.  She was on cloud 9...full on eyes rolled back into her head spaced out she was feeling so good.  M had her fully tied up and immobilized and was alternating smacks with the cane and stroking her with it.  I swear she looked like she was either going to drool or purr or both (actually I think she did both at some point in time).  It really was a beautiful thing.  I totally want that experience in the future.  This was much easier to watch than the CBT.  I can deal with cane smacks...I just cant stomach ball smashing.  I got to cuddle with her a little throughout the night.  I love cuddles :)  I also kept catching her off guard and running my nails down her back, arms, and legs.  She goes all cat like and leans into it and gets major goose bumps.  It was adorable.

There were people teaching others how to tie.  Girls were running around in rope and panties.  One friend of mine even got tied to a toilet.  She laughing her ass off the entire time.  I would have kicked some ass, but it wasn't me so it was hilarious.  I was tied up in some way shape or form most of the night.  I got some bruises on my legs and booty too from a couple obliging friends with canes.  Best of all I got to chill with cuddle with my amazing bondage people.
I ended the night exhausted, but happy.  I slept most of Sunday then had to get up for transition back into mommy mode when I got my little one.

It was a great experience and I cant wait to have more like it and hopefully get more into the action myself.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lover's Super Strap - Heart Shaped Riding Crop Review

I signed on with Cal Exotics as a sexpert and reviewer for them recently and I am really excited about it.  The majority of the products that I own are Cal Exotic brand actually.  The quality of the product you get with them is usually at such a great price that I cant pass it up.

My first review product was the Heart Shaped Riding Crop.  I was more than thrilled to try this one out.  It comes in a simple plastic bag packaging.  So nothing for storage, but the price for this is really cheap so I didn't expect anything spectacular.

The construction is pretty sturdy for the product price.

Product Blurb from Eden Fantasys:
Love is in the air, and against your lover's skin, with the Lover's Super Strap™. 24" long, the sturdy nylon-weave covered center cane is crowned with a heart-shaped leather tip, enabling each love tap with this riding crop to leave little red hearts on your partner. This tip can give quite the sting however, so it may be wise to test it out lightly first before engaging in more vigorous play. The handle is covered in comfortable nubs, allowing for a good grip throughout your sessions. This is a sturdy, unique BDSM toy that won't disappoint. Heart tip is 3" wide.

The leather is actually Faux-Leather so all the animal lovers can rest easy on with that.  The tip seems like it would come loose easily but so far I have had no problems with it.  The can portion is very sturdy with a little flex to it, but the strength to make it easy to handle.  The rubber grip is really nice and makes it easy to keep a firm grasp on the crop.

I got to test this out on the giving and receiving end.  It is fairly easy to use and can deliver a nice sting.  The noise from it is great.  I didn't actually see any heart prints left from the tip, but the person I tested on wasn't into serious impact play and I didn't hit them very hard.

Having it tested on me was fun.  I enjoy impact play and tend to like a more heavy hand when it comes to dealing out the pain.  This crop is excellent for a good sting, but its more for a novice that a serious impact player.  I can still get pleasure out of the warm up for this and it does have a really nice sting that I can appreciate with impact.  It does deliver a good amount of sensation on the more sensitive areas though so if you enjoy rough play you may use it on the backs of the legs, inside the thighs, the breast area, bottoms of the feet, or even on the arms.  It can also be used for light stimulation by stroking the person with it in between the heavier impact.

There is not much of a learning curve for the crop and I like that.  Impact play can hurt someone if not done correctly and this is very easy to handle and not too intense.  I really love how it looks more than anything.  Its cute, but packs a punch.  I really just want to take it to a play party and run around smacking asses :)

So all in all I have to say its a very great toy to own.  The only downside I would can see so far is that its hard as hell to store and hide from little eyes and hands.  I have had to stash it 3 different places already because it was found.  I cant wait to play with it some more, but that will have to wait until after this damn move.

If you guys want to see more info on this or buy it you can find it on Eden Fantasys
HERE for only $17.99
and you can get 15% off your purchase with the code: TGS
in the code area during checkout

Friday, July 15, 2011

Bad Girl Link Up

I have decided to do a link up. We don't do to many things around here with other bloggers, but I would like to spread the word a bit. So here are two of my newer finds (they also happen to be featured Bad Girls this week) Nanny of Naughty Mommy Reviews and Junk
( I can't get her linky to work*sadface*) and True of  True Pleasures
True Pleasures

I was just over at TP and man she had a good time with hubby this am. Steamy stuff for those of you who aren't too squeamish.

We don't have much going on here in the next few weeks. Brandi and I are going to Comic con next weekend and there isn't much sexyness there, apart from some of the guests they have planned *cough David Boreanaz and Alex Skarsgard)* But we are both super excited. Then she is doing the big move dun dun duh!!! So probably not much from her for a minute.

I have been super busy and am now just relaxing. It is nice to lay on the cool leather couches in the nude on these hot summer days. Naked is better! However I haven't been able to prance around the abode lately in the buff since the new roomie moved in. Anyway, I will be trying to hold down the blogging front, maybe a giveaway or two and I do have a review that I know a few of you are looking forward too.

Friday, July 8, 2011

What do you say?

It has been brought to my attention that it is about time for another installment of "Thats what he said" So here we go......Any and all silly, serious and just random questions you have for our guy panel please just post in a comment here or send me an email (Its on my profile). Also if you would like to be a part of our guy panel shoot me an email and I will set that up. =) In about 2 weeks expect to see the questions and answers in another awesome post. 

So get to it, what do you want know?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rare non-sexy post

I just want to take this one little post to spread the word about my person quest...... I am attempting to get my dog back from Spain. Any and every little bit helps, if you love animals or heck even just making a female happy please donate to my cause.

In case you don't know the back story here it is............. I am recently divorced (April 13th) . When that happened I ended up having to leave my dog with my ex-husband for safe keeping until I got things settled. (Which I finally have.) Unfortunately the ex can no longer keep Keagan (the dog) because the lovely US Navy has decided that it is deployment time(unexpectedly). The ex is set to deploy in about 30days, I don't want to have to pass Keagan on to a random base family when I can just bring him home to me. Please help me bring my puppy home. Through a pet shipping service the going rate is about $2000 and I can not make the arrangements until I have paid in full. This is me asking for help, anything will help me defer the cost, even if it is just pass on the word to some one who can donate. Thank you all in advance!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

In Our Mailbox

In my mailbox is hosted by The Story Siren.  She started it as a weekly meme to show off the books that you have received over the week.  We are taking that and perverting it a little I guess by doing a mailbox post of a different kind :)
This past week or two both Brandi and I got loads of awesome stuff. I (Becky) will go first....

I got an eagerly awaited for package from Eden Fantasys
In it as you can see was the main reason for my order........the Jimmyjane Contour M massager (which was on sale), also had the Tantra Feather Teaser (I could have gotten a free lube too but I passed because it had bad reviews) and the FREE Ulitimate Satisfier Slim.

I also took a trip to the local adult store (Deja Vu Love Boutique) and got a tiny bottle of toy cleaner. I wanted to try out a different brand. I also picked up a Mini Vibra Tease. I have been thinking about trying out something like it for a while. I was going to order it from EF and just chickened I got it from Deja Vu instead. 

Hopefully you will see a few reviews up for these things shortly.

And then there is my (Brandi's) stuff...

I placed and order or two recently.  I got some fun things and some interesting things too :)

I decided to order from Eden Fantasys with all my points that I have collected.
I got an Eden Fantasys bag...I have a thing for bags.  Dual bullets which really am excited to try.  The Spectra-Gels Anal Stuffer which I wrote about recently and will not be trying out any time soon...if ever.  Anybody want a massive butt plug?  A Wireless Teaser which is just a bullet with a bunny gel sleeve.

The two things I am super excited about are the Wartenburg Pinwheel and the nipple clamps.  The pinwheel I have tested out a little on my skin and its not as scary as it seems.  Its actually a pretty cool tickling sensation.  The clamps intimidate me a little, but I cant wait to try them out.

I also got some bondage tape to review from Babeland
YAY!  So happy they are letting me review BDSM items.  I told my contact with the company that I preferred those to regular items and they accommodated my request.

That's it.  I won't be doing to many reviews while I am in the process of moving beyond those required for my affiliate duties.  Becky I am sure will be more than happy to share with you her goodies as she tries them out.

Until next time,