Friday, July 8, 2011

What do you say?

It has been brought to my attention that it is about time for another installment of "Thats what he said" So here we go......Any and all silly, serious and just random questions you have for our guy panel please just post in a comment here or send me an email (Its on my profile). Also if you would like to be a part of our guy panel shoot me an email and I will set that up. =) In about 2 weeks expect to see the questions and answers in another awesome post. 

So get to it, what do you want know?


  1. Ah yes, round 2! I'm ready for more questions!

  2. Well you know I'll chime in. Okay so I have a major gag reflex I get it from my mom she barfs from brushing her teeth. Geez I wish I didn't bring her into this but any way deep throating is not something I can do because of it despite this when giving head it will not stop a guy from asking so can you deep throat or you can't deep throat can you. No! If I could I wouldn't be giving you dirty looks you'd be in the back of my throat geez why do guys ask stupid redundant questions when their favorite body part is in a place with teeth? And trying to ram their dick down your throat even though it has been clearly established that no deep throating will not happen?

  3. I know guys like pics of naked chicks which is fine and understandable but what's with vulva's? I mean do you really go home and jerk off to a picture of a chicks labia and clit?
    Just wondering generally of course purely research

  4. I have seen personally that guys are big girls wanting relationships and gasp feelings and such. Chicks more so however just want friend with benefits.

    Are the majority of guys secretly really so soft and dainty?

  5. Question #1:

    If you've clearly established that you don't like deep-throating, then I would say the guy is just being a jerk or he's stupid. Some guys like to test the waters to see if they can get you to do it anyway, which probably makes him feel like he's more in control of you (so, he's a jerk). There are also some girls out there (not all, obviously) that tell guys they don't want something that they actually do want to see if the guy will take "initiative" or "control" or something weird like that. I don't really know why they do it, but I do know girls who are like that. I'm not saying that you are doing that, but some girls do, and he might think you are one of them, which is either due to stereotype or stupidity (or both).

    Question #2

    I think its just a fantasy thing like everything else in porn, to be perfectly honest. Pussies are wonderful, but getting off to pictures of them is usually more about fantasizing about penetration and such rather than just getting off on the pussy itself. That might sound weird, but its the best way I can think to put it into words.

    I'm usually more into the girl's body than just a picture of her vagina though, if that helps answer your question.

    Question #3

    I think that really depends on the guy, actually - and the girl for that matter. I've seen plenty of both kinds of people in both genders. A LOT of it depends on past experiences and whether the person is highly emotional or really stimulus-driven. Its pretty hard to give a solid answer on that question, and honestly, though there is truth in your assessment, I've seen it happen the other way around plenty of times as well.

    But yes, a lot of guys are actually very emotional, and a lot of guys will hide it to maintain the visage of masculinity, though I honestly don't think emotions really negate masculinity, assuming they don't get out of hand.

    I could say more, but I'll stop there for now. This comment has gotten way too long :)

    I talk too much, but this is actually pretty fun. Did I do okay? LOL.

    - 4

  6. Yes you did awesome as always thanks for your manly input.

  7. My dearest 4,

    My most favorite porn lover. Hun, I am planning on doing an answer blog just like last time. You know where I take all the questions, email them to the panel and they send them back to me....then I post the whole shabang in a blog a few weeks down the road.
    Please PLEASE don't answer questions people post in the comment section, it kinda ruins the whole idea. I will email them to you as a whole group.

    Thanks for understanding.


  8. Ah, okay. I wasn't really sure how you wanted to to do it, and that was how we did it last time. Sorry about that.

    Sounds good.

  9. lol 4 is an eager beaver. I'll have to come up with some new questions then.

  10. Okay I finally came up with another question. If a guy messages you on a singles dating site about his new found submission and wants you to use toys on him and smack him around etc. How likely is it that he is legit and not a serial killer? Again wondering solely for curiosities sake generally not for me specifically really *cough*