Sunday, July 3, 2011

In Our Mailbox

In my mailbox is hosted by The Story Siren.  She started it as a weekly meme to show off the books that you have received over the week.  We are taking that and perverting it a little I guess by doing a mailbox post of a different kind :)
This past week or two both Brandi and I got loads of awesome stuff. I (Becky) will go first....

I got an eagerly awaited for package from Eden Fantasys
In it as you can see was the main reason for my order........the Jimmyjane Contour M massager (which was on sale), also had the Tantra Feather Teaser (I could have gotten a free lube too but I passed because it had bad reviews) and the FREE Ulitimate Satisfier Slim.

I also took a trip to the local adult store (Deja Vu Love Boutique) and got a tiny bottle of toy cleaner. I wanted to try out a different brand. I also picked up a Mini Vibra Tease. I have been thinking about trying out something like it for a while. I was going to order it from EF and just chickened I got it from Deja Vu instead. 

Hopefully you will see a few reviews up for these things shortly.

And then there is my (Brandi's) stuff...

I placed and order or two recently.  I got some fun things and some interesting things too :)

I decided to order from Eden Fantasys with all my points that I have collected.
I got an Eden Fantasys bag...I have a thing for bags.  Dual bullets which really am excited to try.  The Spectra-Gels Anal Stuffer which I wrote about recently and will not be trying out any time soon...if ever.  Anybody want a massive butt plug?  A Wireless Teaser which is just a bullet with a bunny gel sleeve.

The two things I am super excited about are the Wartenburg Pinwheel and the nipple clamps.  The pinwheel I have tested out a little on my skin and its not as scary as it seems.  Its actually a pretty cool tickling sensation.  The clamps intimidate me a little, but I cant wait to try them out.

I also got some bondage tape to review from Babeland
YAY!  So happy they are letting me review BDSM items.  I told my contact with the company that I preferred those to regular items and they accommodated my request.

That's it.  I won't be doing to many reviews while I am in the process of moving beyond those required for my affiliate duties.  Becky I am sure will be more than happy to share with you her goodies as she tries them out.

Until next time,


  1. *raises hand* I want a massive butt plug! Seriously that baby would go on my book shelf. . . or be my new paperweight. Orrrr, why don't you try it vaginally?

    Ya'll got tons of goodies! Hope they please you ladies a lot. :)I have to post up my non bookish items onto my 2nd blog, thanks for the reminder!

  2. That's a ton of awesomeness. I have that bag. I walk to work carrying all my crap in it. I didn't get the plug I got the slim vibe like I was meant to with a review item. So jealous a plug would be way cooler. Except my mother was there and asked for the slim vibe she said but you have so many. Now she wants me to get her lube as well ugh *shudders*

  3. I don't know where to start with this lot. It looks like cleaning products and the stuff you find at the back of a kitchen drawer that you don't remember buying or what they are used for.