Friday, July 15, 2011

Bad Girl Link Up

I have decided to do a link up. We don't do to many things around here with other bloggers, but I would like to spread the word a bit. So here are two of my newer finds (they also happen to be featured Bad Girls this week) Nanny of Naughty Mommy Reviews and Junk
( I can't get her linky to work*sadface*) and True of  True Pleasures
True Pleasures

I was just over at TP and man she had a good time with hubby this am. Steamy stuff for those of you who aren't too squeamish.

We don't have much going on here in the next few weeks. Brandi and I are going to Comic con next weekend and there isn't much sexyness there, apart from some of the guests they have planned *cough David Boreanaz and Alex Skarsgard)* But we are both super excited. Then she is doing the big move dun dun duh!!! So probably not much from her for a minute.

I have been super busy and am now just relaxing. It is nice to lay on the cool leather couches in the nude on these hot summer days. Naked is better! However I haven't been able to prance around the abode lately in the buff since the new roomie moved in. Anyway, I will be trying to hold down the blogging front, maybe a giveaway or two and I do have a review that I know a few of you are looking forward too.


  1. Yay they are both great blogs oh and comic con sounds like a blast. Le sigh I never get to go to cool shit like that.

  2. New follower and hopping through.

    Check out my

  3. Laying about on the couch naked, eh? :)

  4. Jess ~ Plan ahead and you can so do it! THey have announced the dates for next year already.

    Lone ~ Welcome, hope you enjoy.

    4~ Tis true, as much as girls <3 shopping and what not I prefer being bare.

  5. Thanks for linking up!!!

    Naked is always better ;)

  6. Yeah there is rarely any naked in my house with my little one running around...

    Happy to have you Lonewolf!

    Thanks for keeping things going B. Your absolutely awesome and I cant wait for the weekend :)