Saturday, April 30, 2011

Smartballs Teneo duo... The exerciser for your lady parts!

That's right!  Its a kegel exerciser.
*just a warning I am going to get into detail with the use and benefits so if you have delicate sensibilities please  skip over this one*

for review from Good Vibrations

The packaging is pretty nice for this.  Nothing dirty at all.
The box has little magnetic flaps on the pack that open up with the instructions.

When you open the package there is an instruction booklet with multiple languages, a brochure with other products, and a sample of their waterbased lube called Toyfluid.  The toy itself comes in a little plastic form holder.  You just take out the toy and your ready to go!

Another funny thin that I found...This toy has a pretty hilarious warning label

I cant imagine it would be physically possible to put this in your nose or ear, but ok...warning acknowledged!

Right off the bat you can tell that this is a quality product.  The construction of this is excellent.  Its silicone (Food-grade material / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free / Hypo-allergenic) and easy to clean usually you just rinse with some soap and water and your good, but you can also run this bad boy through the dishwasher if you want to disinfect it at any time.  Its shape is really neat.  There are 2 large balls connected by silicone in the middle and a silicone loop at the end for removal.  There is also a finger notch on the last ball to help with insertion.

The balls are kind of large and that was intimidating, but that was a big seller for me, because those of you that have seen ben wa balls know they are tiny.  I have a retro flexed cervix and I would have issues getting them out if they moved far enough back in my cervix so this is a way better option for me.

So to start I took it out of the package and played with it for a minute.  I shook it around and you can feel the little balls inside moving around causing vibrations.  The silicone cords are really stretchy and the balls are pretty hard *If you are a small person and you want to try this it may be painful at first...these balls are not small, over an inch in girth*

Never one to be shy about sex toys I jumped right in to testing.  I got out the lube packet and coated them thoroughly (and I do mean thoroughly...slather that crap on).  ONLY USE WATERBASE LUBE WITH THESE!  The lube provided was nothing special.  I didn't really like it, but it worked.  Insertion was a little tough.  You have to push the first in to get to the point that you can use the finger notch.  You really have to relax on insertion of these things.  Go slowly and take your time and you should be able to get these in.
*once you get used to the size you may be able to flex your muscles and help pull the balls in while pushing to insert*

Once in they stay put.  I couldn't feel the vibrations after insertion, but I'm pretty sure they aren't supposed to be that noticeable just for toning of the muscles.  I did chores around the house and I even tried jumping jacks...they will stay put unless you want them to move.

Removing was interesting.  They are a little tough on removal.  Seriously the lady parts had a death grip on this toy.  After I got comfy and relaxed I pulled the string and I pushed (kinda like pushing a kid out) and they came out with not to much fuss...It was a little bit of pain, but nothing seriously terrible.

I would imagine after wearing this thing and pulling in and pushing out for a period of time you would be able to seriously rock some worlds with your muscle tone.  I would also say that if you enjoy anal stimulation you could wear these (not anally they aren't made for that and I don't recommend it) and have your partner preform anal and it would be a fun addition to your sex.

A quick rinse in some hot water with some toy cleaner and that concluded my toy testing.

All in all it was a fun time.

So the only downs to this toy would be its size.  I would not recommend this for someone who has a small cervix.

Other than that this is a rocking product.  I highly recommend it if your looking at kegel exercisers.

That's it for this review...Stay tuned for my next education dvd on the GSpot orgasm called "GUSH"!!!  That should be interesting.

*The Good Vibrations site is big on education and has lots of resources even a live chat service to talk to someone educated in sex toys*

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Lovely Gina Gordon Talks about "setting the mood"

Some of you that follow my other blog may know about the AMAZING Gina Gordon.

She's a modest woman, but I assure you she is the cream of the crop when it comes to writing some good smutt.  She seriously sets panties on fire her stuff is so hot.

I pestered the hell out of invited her to come over and do a guest post on setting the mood.  She graciously took time out her busy blog tour for her latest release "Temptation in Lingerie" which I reviewed on my other blog.

So without any more squawking from me...I give you Gina Gordon

Getting in the Mood

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a romance writer. My friend Brandi seems to think I’m some kind of sex guru LOL Really, I just have a good imagination. Lucky for my husband *wiggles eyebrows*

When it comes to setting the mood in my books, I go with what I like. My number one writing rule is if I don’t think it’s sexy, I won’t write about it. Readers can read between the lines, and when you don’t believe in what you’re writing, it’s noticeable.

Although there is always drama and conflict pulling apart the hero and the heroine in a romance novel, it is still the ultimate fantasy. Everything is perfect—the couple, the setting, the sex, and the happily ever after. Unfortunately, real life isn’t always perfect. But for you men out there, there are a few essential—universal—things you need to know in order to get your lady in the mood.

It’s all about her—

This is rule #1. I will repeat it. It’s all about her! Women, especially women who may have children, spend their day washing, dressing, cleaning and taking care of a family and in a large number of cases, all while working forty hours a week. They are constantly doing for other people, thinking about the needs of other people. Women’s minds are constantly in flux and it is not very often that we sit and concentrate on ourselves. So if you do nothing else, if you make the time all about her, you can do no wrong.

Take care of the day-to-day drama—

If you want your woman to relax and enjoy herself, send the kids away with a plan to have their homework completed, their lunches for the next day made, their clothes and pyjamas packed and ready to go. Feed the pets. Empty the dishwasher. Take out the garbage…whatever household chores that are done every night, do them. Otherwise, as soon as your wife takes her first bite of a chocolate covered strawberry, (yes you want to get those too!) she’ll be up to pull the chicken from the freezer to make tomorrow night’s dinner. That’s just what we do. So take care of it.

Set the mood—

Candles. Music. Scent. Flowers. Even if you have the type of wife who enjoys pizza and the television as an idea of a romantic night (like me!) there is nothing wrong with setting the mood around you. Something that will foster the idea that you’ve thought about making the time special, that you’ve thought about her. Again, do you see a pattern here? It’s all about her.


I am a huge believer that lingerie makes a woman feel sexy. So whether the outfit is planned ahead of time, or it may be something you buy for your lady as a gift for your special night, there needs to be some fancy panties. Not to mention, don’t you like the idea of the big reveal later on when your woman comes out wearing something you’ve been fantasizing about all damn day.

Take. Your. Time.—

Remember, it’s all about her. And this doesn’t just apply to sex. Enjoy your meal. Enjoy conversation. Enjoy her. Then when it’s finally time for you to get some, take your time again. Start at her toes and work your way up. Slowly. Seductively. By showing her that you enjoy her body she will give you anything you want LOL

So there you have it men. By no means am I an expert. I just know what I like. But I don’t think there is a woman in the world that would disagree with me.

Gina Gordon is an erotic romance writer living in Toronto, Canada. Her latest release, Temptation In Lingerie, is available now from Lyrical Press. You can find out more about Gina at

All I gotta say is her husband is a lucky man ;)
If he gets even half of the things acted out on him as "research" for her books he must be a damn exhuasted, but happy husband!
If you like reading smutt you should go check out her books.  They are quick reads, but they are jam packed with dirty goodness.

Thanks so much Gina for stopping in and doing this post!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Adventures in Bondage - My Shibari experience

Shibari - meaning "to bind" is the name used for Japanese rope bondage

It's Brandi...The kinky one, chiming in on my bondage experience...This is probably going to be a progressive thing as I delve further into kink.  I attended a japanese rope bondage class and this is a recap for you all to enjoy.

So tonight was my first real foray into the BDSM community.  It was an absolutely wonderful experience.  I was apprehensive when I first started looking into classes, but I emailed the instructor/coordinator and got some great info and feedback and was reassured that I would be okay even going alone.

I didn't know what to expect, but upon arrival I realized they were a bunch of normal people just super kinky.  It was a fun group and everyone was very welcoming to me...the newbie.  I met the instructor, Sol, in person before the class.  He is a hilarious guy.

The class started and the fun began.  The did the intro and the guest speakers got to talk...They were super cool as well...A Shibari guy called Rigger Mortis and a fetish model called The English Tart (I absolutely loved her.  Got to talk with her and shes really sweet and very helpful)

Apparently I'm a really good bottom for the rope guys because I vocalize with my needs and take instruction well. I started out just being used by the instructor on how to initiate touch and learning about your bottoms anatomy before you try to tie them up then Sol asked me if I would like to be tied up and do a suspension and I said that I was nervous, but I wanted to do it and was really excited. He started out with me in a blindfold in the middle of class with my panties and my tank top still on and the demonstrated the excitement of the shame aspect by yanking off my shirt (I still had a little tube top bra on but I was in my undies for an entire class and that was kinda exciting) and then he did an arm cuff and demonstrated how it can be used for control by cuffing both my hands. He put me on my knees and pulled my hair (that was freaking hot) and then he put my head to the floor by pulling the rope underneath me (and there is also some nice rubbage when it gets threaded under your naughty bits.)

Then he started the more complex ties with my arms behind my back in a chest harness and then he did a partial suspension with one leg up and then he tied my foot back. I also got my hands tied up in front of me after he released those from behind my back while I was suspended and tied them together and to another woman's bound leg.

People get different reactions while being bound and apparently I am the kind of person that gets sleepy in suspensions. I couldn't stop yawning. I came down and watched Sol tie up a boy and demonstrate some other ties. Afterwards I got tons of compliments from everyone and talked to the instructor and he invited me to do rope play again when I wanted to. So we will see how that goes. I would like to learn suspensions. I will be going to class again though.

Hope it was entertaining for you all at least.  I highly recommend going to a class if you are interested.  Its a fun artform and something great to add to sex play.  I found the class through a fetish networking site called  I signed up to find information on BDSM and it is a great place for the curious to explore and learn new things.  So all in all it was a very good experience.  Sorry for the novel everyone, but its the next best thing to dragging all your behinds with me to class ;)

*photograph used was found on facebook on the shibari fan page no copywrite infringment was intended, just an example of what the artform looks like*

Saturday, April 16, 2011

We are still kicking!

Sorry about the little hiatus on the blog.  We both have been super busy lately.  I plan on doing a post tonight after I get back from a class that I signed up to attend.  I'm gonna go get tied up at a Shibari class (Japanese robe bondage).   So you will all get to hear about that in my next adventures in bondage post and a erotica writer friend of mine will be doing a guest post soon about "setting the mood."  So don't be sad there will be lots of dirty fun in the near future :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Condoms, condoms, condoms...

Just going to grumble here a little bit. Why does Big B get the awesome fun stuff and I get CONDOMS to review?? I see some shenanigans afoot. *shifty eyes*
Well enough grumbling and on with the show. I can't whine to much I did have some fun with them. Our friends over at Good Vibrations  sent us this nifty pack of condoms. Let me just admit right now I did not get to test them in the fashion they were intended for, however I did improvise.
Does what’s on the outside matter?  It does on the Try Me 12 Condom Gift Pack.  The Try Me Gift Pack dares you to unwrap your adventurous side with twelve lubricated latex condoms individually packaged in boxes illustrating a different male-female sexual position.  Interactive in more ways than one,  The Try Me 12 Pack invites you to go online and rate the degree of difficulty of the positions, and share stories of how it worked (or didn’t) for you and your partner!  The premium condoms are durable and suitable for all of your exotic erotic adventures, and the fun packaging makes this the perfect playful gift for you and your partner.

8 ½” x 11” box with 12 individually packaged condoms.
Individual condom box: 2 ½” x 2 ½”. (6.35cm x 6.35cm).
 Well now! I really enjoyed the packaging and that is the main selling point of these condoms. They came in a large flat box so you could see most of the individual boxes. 1 big box, with 12 little boxes inside it and each little box has a normal wrapped condom inside it. The little boxes each had a different position suggested on it. On the back of the large box was a cute disclaimer "Not every position is right for every couple. Please know your limitations."

 Some of the positions were interesting......"The Bird Feeder", "The Fosse" both are worth trying out. However others fall in to the same old same old category......."The Humpback Whale" aka Doggy style or "The Hallmark Moment" aka sitting and facing each other.
Then there is the "I want my mommy" I wish I had a picture of this package for you. The female is up against the wall holding the male. I just don't get it. I showed several other people and no one can fathom it actually working.(I just noticed it is on the bottom row in the picture above, orange box)
Also they encourage you to go to the website and rate the positions you could perform. 
Cons: Lots of time consuming packaging.

These condoms aren't just cute packaging. We tested these things with true proven juvenile techniques. First we blew it up like a balloon. No leaks, and it got HUGE!

Then the "fist-ing" This is where I was impressed. As you see in the photo this is a full grown man's hand. The condom was first put over the hand and then all five fingers were stretched out. No breaking. Then the fingers were pulled back into a fist and the base of the condom was pulled all the way down the forearm. The rolled end finally tore when it was pulled over the elbow. IMPRESSIVE considering I don't know a man on earth that would attempt these feats in "normal use."  
Cons: The first condom we tested claimed to be lubricated, as did all the others in the package. It was not. However the 2nd tested condom did have lubrication. Maybe #1 was just a fluke.
Also they claim to be ultra-thin. When compared to a normal condom of another brand they appear to be the same. This is both with touch and by sight. 

Over all I think this package is a cute idea, especially if you are going to be giving it as a gift. I.E. Shower, Bachelor or Bachelorette. 

That is all for now, hopefully we will have more reviews and stories for you next time.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Toy Giveaway Winner!!

Thank you to everyone who entered and gave us ideas for what they would like to read about.  Now its time to announce the winner of the Petite Flowers Vibe.

And that very lucky winner is...

Jessica Rabbit!!!

I have your info already girl so I'll send it off as soon as possible.