Monday, February 28, 2011

Putting it all out there...

*Clears throat* Hello there, I am little B. Figure we should differentiate between us and since she is slightly older then me I will refer to my self as little B or b.

To start things out on a light note, boudoir photos. I recently discovered that B is an amazing photographer. I'm sure you noticed the photos for our background and banner. Those were all taken by B herself. When we did mine it was an awesome event. Went and found some cheap flirty lingerie and then just laughed our way though about 2 hours of my best friend taking risque pictures of me.

Here is the point : I HIGHLY recommend doing this type of photo shoot. I had been wanting to do this forever for my ex. I mean really what woman hasn't thought "I would love to be a pin up"? So get a friend, or a tri-pod or hell even go all out and hire someone. I had a stack of business cards that I picked up at the local adult store that photographers had left advertising this exact type of shoot. DO IT! That day made me feel amazing. When we were done I felt like a mix of pure sex and I-am-woman-hear-me-roar.

Welcome to our new blog!!

Becky and I spend a lot of time talking about sex...It just happens.  We go to shops, try out toys, practice self love, and (when we are digging a guy) we get loving elsewhere.  This is a new venture.  Talking about it on an open forum.  I signed up to do sex toy reviews along with the affiliate program for Good Vibes and I'm planning on doing toy reviews on this blog with the help of my best friend Becky of course.  She will test some.  I will test others.  We will post any other informative (and not so informative...basically whatever the hell else we want to post) blogs when we get the urge.

Hope you all are sufficiently enlightened
or entertained

Brandi & Becky