Saturday, April 30, 2011

Smartballs Teneo duo... The exerciser for your lady parts!

That's right!  Its a kegel exerciser.
*just a warning I am going to get into detail with the use and benefits so if you have delicate sensibilities please  skip over this one*

for review from Good Vibrations

The packaging is pretty nice for this.  Nothing dirty at all.
The box has little magnetic flaps on the pack that open up with the instructions.

When you open the package there is an instruction booklet with multiple languages, a brochure with other products, and a sample of their waterbased lube called Toyfluid.  The toy itself comes in a little plastic form holder.  You just take out the toy and your ready to go!

Another funny thin that I found...This toy has a pretty hilarious warning label

I cant imagine it would be physically possible to put this in your nose or ear, but ok...warning acknowledged!

Right off the bat you can tell that this is a quality product.  The construction of this is excellent.  Its silicone (Food-grade material / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free / Hypo-allergenic) and easy to clean usually you just rinse with some soap and water and your good, but you can also run this bad boy through the dishwasher if you want to disinfect it at any time.  Its shape is really neat.  There are 2 large balls connected by silicone in the middle and a silicone loop at the end for removal.  There is also a finger notch on the last ball to help with insertion.

The balls are kind of large and that was intimidating, but that was a big seller for me, because those of you that have seen ben wa balls know they are tiny.  I have a retro flexed cervix and I would have issues getting them out if they moved far enough back in my cervix so this is a way better option for me.

So to start I took it out of the package and played with it for a minute.  I shook it around and you can feel the little balls inside moving around causing vibrations.  The silicone cords are really stretchy and the balls are pretty hard *If you are a small person and you want to try this it may be painful at first...these balls are not small, over an inch in girth*

Never one to be shy about sex toys I jumped right in to testing.  I got out the lube packet and coated them thoroughly (and I do mean thoroughly...slather that crap on).  ONLY USE WATERBASE LUBE WITH THESE!  The lube provided was nothing special.  I didn't really like it, but it worked.  Insertion was a little tough.  You have to push the first in to get to the point that you can use the finger notch.  You really have to relax on insertion of these things.  Go slowly and take your time and you should be able to get these in.
*once you get used to the size you may be able to flex your muscles and help pull the balls in while pushing to insert*

Once in they stay put.  I couldn't feel the vibrations after insertion, but I'm pretty sure they aren't supposed to be that noticeable just for toning of the muscles.  I did chores around the house and I even tried jumping jacks...they will stay put unless you want them to move.

Removing was interesting.  They are a little tough on removal.  Seriously the lady parts had a death grip on this toy.  After I got comfy and relaxed I pulled the string and I pushed (kinda like pushing a kid out) and they came out with not to much fuss...It was a little bit of pain, but nothing seriously terrible.

I would imagine after wearing this thing and pulling in and pushing out for a period of time you would be able to seriously rock some worlds with your muscle tone.  I would also say that if you enjoy anal stimulation you could wear these (not anally they aren't made for that and I don't recommend it) and have your partner preform anal and it would be a fun addition to your sex.

A quick rinse in some hot water with some toy cleaner and that concluded my toy testing.

All in all it was a fun time.

So the only downs to this toy would be its size.  I would not recommend this for someone who has a small cervix.

Other than that this is a rocking product.  I highly recommend it if your looking at kegel exercisers.

That's it for this review...Stay tuned for my next education dvd on the GSpot orgasm called "GUSH"!!!  That should be interesting.

*The Good Vibrations site is big on education and has lots of resources even a live chat service to talk to someone educated in sex toys*


  1. Great review I have been wanting to get some ben wa balls to work out the girl bits. Not bad that it's large start there and work to tiny. I'll be sure not to stick em in my nose when I get some lol

  2. I feel like a virgin, those look too big. LOL. If I ever get any I'll resist the temptation on sticking these up my nose... though it really does ruin my plans. ;)