Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Condoms, condoms, condoms...

Just going to grumble here a little bit. Why does Big B get the awesome fun stuff and I get CONDOMS to review?? I see some shenanigans afoot. *shifty eyes*
Well enough grumbling and on with the show. I can't whine to much I did have some fun with them. Our friends over at Good Vibrations  sent us this nifty pack of condoms. Let me just admit right now I did not get to test them in the fashion they were intended for, however I did improvise.
Does what’s on the outside matter?  It does on the Try Me 12 Condom Gift Pack.  The Try Me Gift Pack dares you to unwrap your adventurous side with twelve lubricated latex condoms individually packaged in boxes illustrating a different male-female sexual position.  Interactive in more ways than one,  The Try Me 12 Pack invites you to go online and rate the degree of difficulty of the positions, and share stories of how it worked (or didn’t) for you and your partner!  The premium condoms are durable and suitable for all of your exotic erotic adventures, and the fun packaging makes this the perfect playful gift for you and your partner.

8 ½” x 11” box with 12 individually packaged condoms.
Individual condom box: 2 ½” x 2 ½”. (6.35cm x 6.35cm).
 Well now! I really enjoyed the packaging and that is the main selling point of these condoms. They came in a large flat box so you could see most of the individual boxes. 1 big box, with 12 little boxes inside it and each little box has a normal wrapped condom inside it. The little boxes each had a different position suggested on it. On the back of the large box was a cute disclaimer "Not every position is right for every couple. Please know your limitations."

 Some of the positions were interesting......"The Bird Feeder", "The Fosse" both are worth trying out. However others fall in to the same old same old category......."The Humpback Whale" aka Doggy style or "The Hallmark Moment" aka sitting and facing each other.
Then there is the "I want my mommy" I wish I had a picture of this package for you. The female is up against the wall holding the male. I just don't get it. I showed several other people and no one can fathom it actually working.(I just noticed it is on the bottom row in the picture above, orange box)
Also they encourage you to go to the website and rate the positions you could perform. 
Cons: Lots of time consuming packaging.

These condoms aren't just cute packaging. We tested these things with true proven juvenile techniques. First we blew it up like a balloon. No leaks, and it got HUGE!

Then the "fist-ing" This is where I was impressed. As you see in the photo this is a full grown man's hand. The condom was first put over the hand and then all five fingers were stretched out. No breaking. Then the fingers were pulled back into a fist and the base of the condom was pulled all the way down the forearm. The rolled end finally tore when it was pulled over the elbow. IMPRESSIVE considering I don't know a man on earth that would attempt these feats in "normal use."  
Cons: The first condom we tested claimed to be lubricated, as did all the others in the package. It was not. However the 2nd tested condom did have lubrication. Maybe #1 was just a fluke.
Also they claim to be ultra-thin. When compared to a normal condom of another brand they appear to be the same. This is both with touch and by sight. 

Over all I think this package is a cute idea, especially if you are going to be giving it as a gift. I.E. Shower, Bachelor or Bachelorette. 

That is all for now, hopefully we will have more reviews and stories for you next time.


  1. lmao I love the testing phase. I will now have to grab a condom and fist it. Ok after work but I will and the packaging really is cool looking.

  2. I still can't fathom 'I want my Momy'. Is the woman leaning against the wall and holding up the bloke? I'm not trying that one, I'll snap my cock.

  3. love the idea. very clever!!

  4. LOL!!! Tony Van Helsing cracked me up, we wouldn't want for your cock to snap off so its good to know you won't try that move.

    Anywho, I really like the packaging, and testing. Great review Becky. :)