Friday, May 20, 2011

We are slackers but I went shopping!!

Wow I didn't notice till today that Brandi and I have been HUGE slackers over here. I know she has been swamped with school work and other stuff, and I have been trying to do that whole "be an adult, real life" thing. So I apologize wholeheartedly. Now on to the good stuff.

I am super excited! I know we like to promote Good Vibrations as much as possible on here and I'm sure this is a HUGE faux pas but I'm gonna do it anyway..... I was shopping around over at Eden Fantasys. Holy cow do they have some awesome deals right now!!  I am going to share, I guess this is kinda like the "In my mailbox" that some bloggers do, but they haven't arrived in my mailbox yet and I am to excited to wait.

 This little guy is the Eden Fantasys High Intensity Bullet. This is a free gift they are offering right now if you are a friend of them, or "like" them on Facebook. Clicky Clicky Here! I got one of these babies in my last order and gave it away to a friend. Damn this thing is like any other bullet I have ever seen but on speed.

This is another free gift they are offering right now. Every order gets a free gift and right now this is it. I don't know how I feel about this one. It might end up as a "giveaway" if it gets here and I am feeling generous. Anyway this is the G-Fun G-Spot Viberator. I think you can only get it in pink and it is only available till the 27th. That is when they are changing the offers.

This is the whole reason I even went to the site. I asked Brandi the other day if she wanted to take a trip to the toy store since we haven't been in about a month and to celebrate her finishing classes. She suggested I go on line to Eden Fantasys because they always have SUPER deals. Damn was she right! Just for being a friend on facebook I got the super tiny vibey, the GIANT lube with a pump and a coupon for a discount on the whole damn lot! I love the internet!! Anyway this is ID Glide Orginal Lube. You see my lady bits are super picky when it comes to what goes in, on or near her at all. I have tried other lubes and basically she hates them and then punishes me because I am the one who subjected her to it. Not fun at all! This stuff is water based, has no cool tricks (I.E. it doesn't cool or warm or tingle or do your taxes) but damn it, it gets the job done and that is what I like. Plus I got this HUGE bottle for cheap online! Woot Woot!

                                             Until next time.......

 *photograph used was found on the eden fantasys website, no copywrite infringment was intended, just an example the products. I am not paid or compensated at all for this blog, this is my own opinions. I am not affiliated with Eden Fantasys or any other company mentioned in this entry*

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  1. Eden really does rock. I got my first glass toy from liking them on fb.