Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lover's Super Strap - Heart Shaped Riding Crop Review

I signed on with Cal Exotics as a sexpert and reviewer for them recently and I am really excited about it.  The majority of the products that I own are Cal Exotic brand actually.  The quality of the product you get with them is usually at such a great price that I cant pass it up.

My first review product was the Heart Shaped Riding Crop.  I was more than thrilled to try this one out.  It comes in a simple plastic bag packaging.  So nothing for storage, but the price for this is really cheap so I didn't expect anything spectacular.

The construction is pretty sturdy for the product price.

Product Blurb from Eden Fantasys:
Love is in the air, and against your lover's skin, with the Lover's Super Strap™. 24" long, the sturdy nylon-weave covered center cane is crowned with a heart-shaped leather tip, enabling each love tap with this riding crop to leave little red hearts on your partner. This tip can give quite the sting however, so it may be wise to test it out lightly first before engaging in more vigorous play. The handle is covered in comfortable nubs, allowing for a good grip throughout your sessions. This is a sturdy, unique BDSM toy that won't disappoint. Heart tip is 3" wide.

The leather is actually Faux-Leather so all the animal lovers can rest easy on with that.  The tip seems like it would come loose easily but so far I have had no problems with it.  The can portion is very sturdy with a little flex to it, but the strength to make it easy to handle.  The rubber grip is really nice and makes it easy to keep a firm grasp on the crop.

I got to test this out on the giving and receiving end.  It is fairly easy to use and can deliver a nice sting.  The noise from it is great.  I didn't actually see any heart prints left from the tip, but the person I tested on wasn't into serious impact play and I didn't hit them very hard.

Having it tested on me was fun.  I enjoy impact play and tend to like a more heavy hand when it comes to dealing out the pain.  This crop is excellent for a good sting, but its more for a novice that a serious impact player.  I can still get pleasure out of the warm up for this and it does have a really nice sting that I can appreciate with impact.  It does deliver a good amount of sensation on the more sensitive areas though so if you enjoy rough play you may use it on the backs of the legs, inside the thighs, the breast area, bottoms of the feet, or even on the arms.  It can also be used for light stimulation by stroking the person with it in between the heavier impact.

There is not much of a learning curve for the crop and I like that.  Impact play can hurt someone if not done correctly and this is very easy to handle and not too intense.  I really love how it looks more than anything.  Its cute, but packs a punch.  I really just want to take it to a play party and run around smacking asses :)

So all in all I have to say its a very great toy to own.  The only downside I would can see so far is that its hard as hell to store and hide from little eyes and hands.  I have had to stash it 3 different places already because it was found.  I cant wait to play with it some more, but that will have to wait until after this damn move.

If you guys want to see more info on this or buy it you can find it on Eden Fantasys
HERE for only $17.99
and you can get 15% off your purchase with the code: TGS
in the code area during checkout


  1. Looks like you could have fun with it.

  2. I've tried being hit but I find it an annoyance more than arousing. I am an old bore.

  3. OT- its actually a very fun toy

    Tony- no judging. My style of foreplay and sex is definately not for everyone. I'm sure your style is more than sufficent for your's and the wife's pleasure.