Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rare non-sexy post

I just want to take this one little post to spread the word about my person quest...... I am attempting to get my dog back from Spain. Any and every little bit helps, if you love animals or heck even just making a female happy please donate to my cause.

In case you don't know the back story here it is............. I am recently divorced (April 13th) . When that happened I ended up having to leave my dog with my ex-husband for safe keeping until I got things settled. (Which I finally have.) Unfortunately the ex can no longer keep Keagan (the dog) because the lovely US Navy has decided that it is deployment time(unexpectedly). The ex is set to deploy in about 30days, I don't want to have to pass Keagan on to a random base family when I can just bring him home to me. Please help me bring my puppy home. Through a pet shipping service the going rate is about $2000 and I can not make the arrangements until I have paid in full. This is me asking for help, anything will help me defer the cost, even if it is just pass on the word to some one who can donate. Thank you all in advance!


  1. Sorry I can't help you, I don't respond to requests for money over the internet. For all I know you are a Nigerian con artist.

  2. He is one damn cute con artist though.=) Please just pass the word if nothing else.

  3. Thanks for taking the time and stopping by Tony :)