Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Look! It glows!!!

Sorry to everyone for such a long break.  The move went well and I am settled in as much as I can be staying with family till I find a house of my own... It really isn't easy when your as independent as me, but I'm getting through it.

Now on to my product review.  I recieved another toy from Cal Exotics recently and have been trying to find the time to test it out.  Finally I got a free moment and now you all get a lovely review.  This toy was pretty interesting actually.  Its called Lighted Shimmers LED Glider Teaser.

Its basically just like a standard bullet. Just the little plastic control thing that has the multi speed dial located on the side and the battery compartment in the back. It takes 3 AAA batteries and they last pretty long with the toy. There is a cord that attaches to the control unit which leads down to the actual bullet. The bullet is a see through purple plastic egg looking thing that is around 2 inches long. It looks about the size of a quarter in width. So not too large. It comes in a wrapped little plastic bag inside the box. So nothing major on the packaging.

This can be used for many different things. The main thing I use this for is clitoral stimulation...The bullet and I have a wonderful relationship with my clit. The are like a match made in heaven. It takes absolutely no time for it to work its magic and I am floating on cloud nine. Even when I got this product the first time around there was no learning curve. You can jump right in with it and have no problems. Just turn the little dial and put the bullet on the area desired. Its great for stimulation around the perineum area, on the nipples, thighs, and any other sensitive area on the body. This is also great for stimulation with a partner while having sex. It can be placed between you and your partner near your naughty bits to add more to the sensation. I haven't actually used it inserted so I can't comment on the effectiveness of its use internally. I would probably use a condom on they toy since its going to be a pain to clean if there is insertion. If you aren't using this with a condom you wont really have any problems with lube since its plastic and you can use any lube with it. I would buy some toy wipes to clean this toy though. The egg and the cord connection is sealed, but I have never rinsed the toy just used wipes.

Now on to the super fun part.  When you switch on the vibrations the egg part lights up.  The light gets brighter with intensity.  It adds a fun little twist on the regular egg.  It can be used easily in the dark with no need to fumble around.  Its a sex toy and a flashlight all in one :)  The light is really more of a novelty thing with this bullet, but it could certainly spice things up and make it fun.

The noise is not too bad. Just an average hum that can be cover up by turning on music or a TV if you need to drown out the noise The vibrations are super strong. Just how I like them, but I love that you can tone it down if you need to.  This is farely cheap with the MSRP at around $18 on the Cal Exoticwebsite.  I havent seen it on Eden Fantasys and havent been to the toy store in a while to check the price though.

So this toy was a winner for me.  I love bullets though.
*Side note...If your just getting back into working out and all the muscles in your body hurt because P90X is a bitch... Getting off can be a little painful, but thankfully I'm a masochist :)*
Hope you all have been doing well and haven't missed me too much!

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  1. Sounds like a great toy. I got my first toy from CalExotics mine glowed in the dark lol handy if I ever put it down and wonder where it got to.

    Now you can blog regularly :)