Thursday, August 11, 2011

PSA: Shipping

I was asked to ship Brandi's rather large collection of personal pleasure items to her after her move across the country. Today I finally ventured out to the post office. I get there and she has already boxed everything up and addressed it for me. (Such a good friend) However when I get to the counter the nice Post Office man hears a broken glass noise and suggests I open the box and make sure nothing is broken so they don't get blamed ect. Also he suggested that I switch boxes on one of the packages to save about $8. I really didn't want to because of the content of these and the hard time I have getting to the post office. However he pressured me about the "broken glass" and so I grabbed a flat rate box and scooted over to the side of the counter to switch everything out. All goes well until I bump the old box and knock it on to the floor, spraying the contents all over. Thankfully there were only the 2 employees and 1 other customer in the area. Totally heard the two employees chuckle at me. I did find out what was causing the "Broken Glass" noise.....A ben wa ball had escaped from its container and was rolling around the box.
When I went back up to the counter the man who had been helping me before told me, "Hunny don't be embarrised. I have worked for the Post Office for 31 years I have seen MUCH MUCH worse."  I wish I had asked for a story....Oh well maybe next time.


What have we learned??
Always pack your personal items securely and before you get to the post office.


  1. LOL, Rebecca you sometimes remind me of myself because life seems to love giving you crap. :) I feel like I can relate to an extent.

    I liked your Comic-con post, by the way. A couple of my friends went, and my sister too. Sounds like it was a blast!

  2. Hey that's not so bad they're probably boring people who do it with the lights off and their eyes closed just gave them the excitement for the day. I'm like the only person who doesn't want "discreet" boxes I want it to have sex toys stamped on the side.

  3. Hilarious! I've had something similar happen. I knew it would eventually. When your packages are addressed to D. Scandal though, what can they expect? Lol