Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pleasure Panites...Yes please!!!

Next up on the review block we have the Babeland Remote Vibe Panty.  These are also called Pleasure Panties... at least that's what the tag says anyway.

Babeland sent me these to review and I was super excited.  I have been wanting a wireless remote control egg to play with for a while and these happen to come with one.

Here is what Babeland has to say about them:

Slip on the Babeland Remote Vibe Panties, and you'll soon be slipping away into the world of remote-control pleasure. We've upgraded the classic panties to include very adjustable side-ties (from 25" to 65" hips), a powerful and splashproof three-speed vibrator with 16-foot remote range, and a custom-sewn pocket to keep the vibrator positioned precisely over your clit. Not only that, but these black satin panties are as comfortable as they are sexy; just wear them out to the club, pop the bright pink vibrator into the pouch when you're ready for some fun, hand the remote off, and revel in the surprise of vibration from across a crowded room. Makes a perfect gift for a lover, or for your favorite adventurous couple. Comes with a black satin storage pouch, and the Babeland stamp of approval.

Specs straight from the Babeland Site:
 Panty hip size: 25" to 65" (adjustable)
Vibrator size: 2-1/3" x 1-1/4"
Material: ABS Hard Plastic with Rubber-Cote (TM)
Batteries: 2 N (4 included), 1 23A 12-volt battery (2 included)

So these came in a couple of weeks ago and I finally got some time to test them out.  The panties, remote, egg, and batteries all came in the little black pouch with the Pleasure Panties tag on it.  The pouch is cute and little and perfect for storing.  When you take off the tag its like any other drawstring pouch and could be hidden easily in your lingerie because it looks kinda like a small lingerie bag actually.

So I took out all the stuff from the pouch.  First thing I did was try on the panties.  They have ties on the side so they adjust.  They are stiff so I recommend you was them first.  Once I tried to get them on I realized that yes they are adjustable but they would really be better suited for someone smaller in size.  Its a little awkward getting them adjusted the first time too.  They weren't at all flattering on me.

This came with 2 sets of batteries which is very nice.  They are batteries that are more difficult to find in a store.  I inserted the batteries to start playing with my new toy.  The egg was a little difficult to close once the batteries were in, but it didn't take too much effort to close it.  After I got it closed I stuck the egg into the panties vibe pocket.  It was super bulky and I had to readjust the fit to get it to stay put.  I finally got things settled and started playing with the remote.  This thing has great vibrations a couple constant and a couple patterns (7 I think, but I cant remember and it doesn't say on the site.)  I ended up having to hold the vibe in place though.  It succeeded in getting me off so its a win as an external stimulation tool I just wouldn't wear it out in the panties.  Its also quite loud and very bulky for something that is supposed to be used externally.

I took the test a step farther though. I used a condom since this isn't waterproof and slipped the egg into a condom and then used it as an inserted bullet.  As an inserted bullet its AWESOME, but please if you do get this and use it internally put a condom on it.  The condom also helped with retrieval as well.  I slipped on my clothes after I slipped in the vibe and then went about doing my chores for the day.  Made them MUCH more interesting.  I would switch up the vibe every so often to a new setting.  This would be amazing for a hot date.  I haven't really had a chance to test the range beyond my arms reach, but I would imagine that at a table with your partner next to you there would be no problems.  I recommend you use wipes to clean this toy so you don't damage it with water.  The batteries have to be removed after each use as well which is a small inconvenience.

All in all this was a good sex toy.  I think with proper care you can have quite a bit of fun with this.  There are several reviews on the Babeland site that have mentioned problems that seem to stem from not taking proper care of the toy.  I would prefer to have a waterproof one that was made for internal stimulation, but I really don't have any complaints about the vibe.

It happens to be on sale right now so I would have probably tried this one out if I had not gotten it for review anyway.

That's it for this review.  Next review should be up in a couple days.

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