Friday, September 9, 2011

GUSH... I know the real meaning now

This time around I was sent an educational video to review from Good Vibrations.

Blurb from Good Vibrations:
It's not just the go-to source of G-spot wisdom -- it's a show-and-tell extravaganza about the sometimes-elusive spot (also known as the prostata femina paraurethral sponge.)

Complete with information about anatomy and optimal styles of stimulation, you'll learn about using sex toys, orgasm and ejaculation, and be treated to screen-burning chemistry from real-life couples and erotic performers working with partners of their choosing, showing you exactly how it's done!

Guaranteed to inspire and enhance your sexual explorations, Gush also includes real people asking real questions in a call-in radio talk show format, with Dr. Carol Queen's informed, accessible answers. From the Pleasure-Ed Series of sex education movies penned and hosted by Good Vibrations' Staff Sexologist Dr. Carol Queen, with a full hour of DVD extras including cast interviews, G-spot hunting with Dr. Queen, and Sheri Winston's educational slide show (author of "Women's Anatomy of Arousal", American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists' 2010 Book of the Year).

With scenes directed by AVN award-winning directors Jackie Strano and Shar Rednour. Featuring Dr. Carol Queen and Michelle Meow (non-explicit roles). 2011, 90 minutes.

I picked this video out of the selections of review products, because although I am an expert with orgasms from external stimulation (ok not really an expert, but I know what works well for me) I still have problems attaining the ever elusive G-Spot orgasm for myself.

Initial reaction… I thought this was going to be and educational video not a porno.  The opening scrolls trough a few couples masturbating and having sex and the music was a little cheesy.  Then it opened to the title then to Dr Queen and Michelle Meow in a radio studio.  It alternates from them in studio doing Q & A with callers to clips of acts using the tips and techniques that she recommends.  The initial couple was a lesbian couple and there was fisting and some pretty graphic masturbating and some serious female ejaculation that may not be something that everyone wants to watch.  Honestly this is serious messy real life sex instead of pretty porno style.  Different body types are shown as well as straight and lesbian couples.  If you can get past that then you can see what Dr Queen is saying and see her tips and techniques in practice

Dr Queen a lot of tips on the best way to reach the G-Spot orgasm and orgasms and sex in general.  It’s a very educational telling you what things you can use, techniques you can use, and what you should be looking for as far as sensations to get to the point of g-spot orgasm.

The female ejaculation that she talks about and that is demonstrated in the movie is a little intimidating.  It makes it seem like the seriously heavy female ejaculation (squirting) is something that happens regularly.  I have tried serious masturbation sessions and have never had that kind of reaction.  I haven’t had a G-spot orgasm ever so I'm definitely not the expert on that.  I tried some of the techniques, but I haven’t reached that point yet so I guess I'll just have to keep trying though.

All in all this was a good video.  I did fast forward through some of the sex, because it seems like it lasted forever and the Q & A was only little breaks in between the different couples.  There is plenty to learn from the video.  I think if you’re a visual learner than this video would be a good thing to lead you on the path of G-spot orgasms.

Oh yeah and I learned why this video was titled GUSH

So that concludes my review for the day.  If you would like to purchase this video for yourself you can get it here on the GoodVibrations site.  You can buy the DVD or you have several other options to choose from in rental and purchasing it streaming video.

GoodVibrations also has a lot of other educational materials to choose from on their site and through videos for rental or purchase as well as a ton of great toys for you to choose from.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. I have this one. Great review and it really does make it seam like every chick but you is squirting.

  2. i will have to check this out. Thanks!

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