Monday, March 14, 2011

False Advertisment

While browsing through Ross today I came upon a very interesting find
Its essentially an ass push-up bra with padding!
If felt like bra padding too.
Granted this was in Ross so it clearly wasn't a hit seller, but damn!

Who would by this?  Not only is it the worst form of false advertisement, but you know someone is going to catch on quick.  Seriously.  Some guys gonna try to grab the butt and get a hand full of padding then its all down hill from there.  I have no shortage in the booty, but I would rather have a flat ass than ever wear something like this.

Personally I like rocking the push up bra, but I don't consider that false advertisement.  I don't stuff it with gel things that they have everywhere now.  I'm not talking about those stick on strapless/backless gel things either.  I'm talking the add a cup size or two things. 
And fake nipples???  There are some instances where I don't judge wearing inserts like sewn into a strapless gown so you don't see nipple through or in the case of my late grandmother in place of her missing breast after a mastectomy.

I'm talking about ladies that put in false boobies and go out looking to land a man.  Eventually he is going to find out and personally I would be pissed.

You go in expecting this

and instead you get this

The last form of false advertisement I have been guilty of myself a time or two.  I own a spanx slip to wear under my dresses (not that I wear dresses that much...I'm a jeans and heels kinda girl).
I don't see these as too high on the deception scale, because your not adding anything, and its still all yours.  I think for the most part women don't need these either.  If you know how to dress yourself well and buy quality clothes that fit you there is no need for shape wear most of the time.
I think the point I'm trying to get across is embrace what you have, because that is the sexiest thing of all.


  1. I personally would buy the booty pops. lol. Just because I'm curious on how they look. And so I can run around saying "I'm wearing padded booty panties!"

    The fake breast inserts I am guilty of, but I was 14 and even then I was like "well that was a big waste of money."

    And the spanx I have, kinda, they're not really control supports or whatever they're called but then pany hose type "shorts" with lace trim that go down to just above the knees about an inch. That way if I want to wear a demin mini but still have some sort of "hide your panties" coverage you can. Because I was raised to always wear shorts, of some sort, under my dresses and skirts.... I was a big tom boy so they were mandatory, couldn't go around falshing boys my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle undies while hanging upside down on the monkey bars, you know. lol. And if you don't want to wear a slip but know your skirt or dress is see through, sorta, when in the sun it gives you some coverage, though I'm sure the perves think they're getting a free show. lol. But yeah, the ones I have don't really squeeze or tuck anything away.... because I don't have anything to squeeze or tuck away, lol.

    .... is it me or does that booty pop bag look like a blow pop bag?

  2. "but then pany hose type"

    Well I screwed that up, lol. I meant : but THE PANTY hose type."

  3. Yeah I think that the booty pop bag was designed that way...Marketing genius

    *rolls eyes*

  4. A blu font would be nice. I get distracted from the words when they blend into the legs. :)