Friday, March 25, 2011

I have to put that where?

Yep I guess I do if I want to review sex toys and give you all an honest review! 

I signed up as an affiliate on Good Vibrations, because lets face toys just for airing my dirty laundry to the world seems like a kick ass trade off to me!  They give you a list of toys to choose from and you get to pick one out a voila you get a toy in the mail to play with.  This is the first review I am doing for them so hopefully you don't find it too damn boring and you find something you like.
*and if you want to buy something go through my link because in addition to getting free toys for whoring myself I get a commission on referred sales*

Kit Includes:
2 Batteries - AA

About the kit in general
This kit is an excellent little kit and would be great for a gift set to take on a romantic weekend getaway.  It comes with pretty much everything you need for a romantic night with your lover (except condoms) or it is prefect for just a night alone at home.

This came in a cute little 2oz tin.  Size makes it great for travel.  The ingredients for this are soy wax, soybean oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and essential oil (lavender.)  My first thought on opening the tin is what a wonderful smell.  Its a pretty strong lavender scent, but not too strong.  I like stronger scented candles though (soy wax tends to carry a better scent.)  The lit candle emits a light fragrance that isn't overpowering.

The wax isn't even close to being to hot when you drip it on your skin, just pleasantly warm.  Spreads wonderfully and when on the skin is very similar to massage oil.  If you aren't familiar with massage oils they tend to be a little on the greasier side (this is not an unpleasant greasy) and it allows for massage without absorbing into the skin to fast.  The scent left behind is a little strong, but it fades.  This product did not aggravate my skin and I have slightly sensitive skin so you should be safe.

If you don't like essential oils or have reactions to them this would not be a product for you
Slight greasy residue
*neither of these were a problem from me just a warning to you all*

The scent I received was amber rose and it came in a small 2oz bar.  Kinda looks like a guest bath soap.  The ingredients are cocoa butter, shea butter, and fragrance oil.  The scent is not strong at all.  I am not a fan of rose scented products and I even liked this one.

This bar glides along the skin and melts onto skin with contact.  Very great massage product.  It leaves a very light scent and is the same as the candle with the consistency and oil feel.

same as the Ignite me massage candle

The Please Cream lube came in a 2oz bottle.  This lube is water based and has the consistency of a water based lotion, but with more glide.  Not tacky and doesn't leave a sticky residue.  Good lubrication.

Slight odor...not too unpleasant
water based so it washes of easily (problem if your using the toy or having sex in the shower)

SO...first thing I have to share because I thought it was funny.  I'm a package reader and I was reading the box for this vibe and I find this...
*check out the underlined portion*
This is supposed to be a vibe for the G spot and it even says so on the side, but the product isn't really supposed to go there???

I'm sure its a warning due to a silly California law, but I thought it was funny regardless.

Ok!  Now that we have the warning noted we can move on.
This is a hard plastic vibe and it is a little over 6 inches long.  Very smooth outside with nice curves built into the design for different types of stimulation.  There is a multi speed control dial and the vibrations on this thing go up to a pretty strong setting.  Very good as a G spot vibe and also works  very well for clit stimulation.  The waterproof feature makes it great for shower or bath use.  I would actually recommend that as the main use since this thing is pretty loud even internally and the shower noise should drown out the vibrator noise.

This could also be used with a partner for internal play or clit stimulation during sex.

Very loud...Probably wouldn't use it if you get embarrassed easily and you live with people
Very Hard.  If you like toys with a softer external surface or more give this is not a toy for you

*this toy takes 2 AA batteries and the kit comes with batteries for it so that is convenient*

That's it for this portion of me whoring myself out...stay tuned for more!
If you liked any of the products featured just click the highlighted title links for that product.

*The Good Vibrations site is big on education and has lots of resources even a live chat service to talk to someone educated in sex toys*


  1. lol, for external use only... so what its a vibrator, I said external use only dangit!

    Good first review Brandi, it was interesting and informative. :)

  2. HA. That was funny. External use only.

  3. I am so stealing that cream lube. <3

  4. Good catch on the ad copy! LOL.

    I was wondering how well the candle & massage bar wash off? I've used candles in the past that pretty much refused to wash off without the addition of fingernails!

  5. OT...Yeah it was a good laugh

    B, of course you can have it :)

    Sweet! Hey girl. The candle and massage bar was off pretty well. It leaves the skin moisturized, but not greasy or waxy at all. Its really not too greasy after you have massaged it into the skin, but its pretty much just like a massage oil, but much better since you don't have to deal with excess if you put to much on. I highly recommend it.