Monday, March 21, 2011

Who is knocking on your backdoor??

Yes everyone...By backdoor I am referring to Anal Sex

This may be a little much for some so if your squeamish you might not want to read this post.
*then again I doubt to many prudes will be reading this blog in the first place since it does have a nice little content warning*

Anal sex is still considered a taboo by most of the general population even though sex education and awareness has grown considerably over the years.  Regardless of your stance on doing it or not this is just meant to be an informative post as to the health risks that may be involved and if you should choose to what is the best way to proceed and how to be safe about it.

There are plenty of health risks that come into play with anal play.  As with any other sexual act though if your protect yourself you can severely diminish those risks.  The most common risk is STI's.  There is a higher risk of transference for STI's with anal sex, because the lining in the rectum is very delicate.  Same goes for bacteria infections.  Having anal sex opens you up to the possibility of transference of bacteria from other places to the rectum and from the rectum to other places. 

The best way to protect yourself from these risks is to get yourself tested, use condoms, be clean while your getting dirty ;)  Testing yourself when your sexually active is a big thing.  Not everyone uses condoms every single time (myself included) and you never know what the other person is doing even if they tell you there clean and tested.  Wearing condoms ties into that.  You just don't know where someone has been.  Then there is the cleanliness aspect.  Switching from ass to vagina or vice versa is very dangerous and can lead to nasty infections.  Please, for goodness sake, clean yourself after any type of butt play.  Even just hands on.  Don't spread those germs elsewhere.  Make it fun.  Jump in the shower and was each other afterwards or something, but wash yourself!!

Another major thing when considering adding anal play to your sexual palate is you must be completely comfortable with your partner.  If you don't have good communication and solid understanding of your partners wants, needs, and their comfort zone the chances are it wont be a pleasant experience. So be vocal.  Tell your partner what you want and how you feel.  Being able to express yourself sexually with your partner is a key thing in any relationship anyway so talk to your partner about your fantasies and theirs.  During the act be vocal as well.  If something is uncomfortable let your partner know.  Don't expect them to know what is going on in your head.

Last thing that you need if you intend on having anal play....LUBE!  Please get some lube.  Makes things go much smoother...Pun intended

And that, my blogger friends, was my post on Anal sex.  If you are not into that sort of thing that is your business, but its best to be open and honest with your partner when discussing sex.  Like I said earlier.  That is the key to a healthy sexual relationship and also the key to being satisfied in that relationship.

*Good Vibrations, the site I reveiw toys for now, has a lot of how to information on pretty much anything sex related so if you ever have questions or you just want to learn you should head over there and check it out here


  1. I found anal sex to be a bit of an anti-climax, no pun intended. There isn't the heat and wetness that vaginal sex offers.

  2. Tony, welcome to my little den of depravity :)
    (not so depraved actually we have been quite tame, but I digress)

    I think the big thing for men is just that its something new and taboo.

    You could try more lube if you decide to try again next time. I would go with a silicone base and they make warming sensation lube...Not to sure about that stuff though. I never liked Icy Hot and I sure as hell dont want to use it to slick up my ass.

    My personal experience with anal sex was that it can be pleasant for the female if done correctly and the guy does not act like a teenager humping the mattress.

  3. Thanks Brandi, I gave it a go but I'm happy to stick with the front door. Like you say, it's the taboo aspect and once the taboo and unknown aspect is overcome it wasn't all that exciting. I still like doggy style but will stay out of the bum zone.