Monday, March 28, 2011

Ménage à trois


This is a French term, literally a 'household of three', that has made its way into English. The meaning that applies to a one-off sexual liaison rather than a domestic arrangement is also known as a threesome. 



 All this past week Random Girl has been talking about threesomes. This got me thinking about my past experiences with them. I have had 3. She covered all the different combination's you can have. I have only experienced one of the types, that is the FMF. Maybe someday I will try a MMF but I don't see that as being very likely or in the near future so enjoy what I have for you now.

I was young for my first experience. A male (he is not worthy to be called a man but was definitely grown to be considered more then a boy) I was dating invited another girl into our play. This was okay with me. She and I both had the hots for him and were friendly with each other. I think this is the best dynamic I have ever been involved with. I know personally I did not end up feeling neglected at all and this particular experience gave me my first time with a female. Being the youngest, and least experienced of the group, I let them lead and show me how it was done. Communication was amazing! It probably helps that I enjoy being instructed and learning. We met several times over the coming months and I would definitely rank it as one of my more favorite time periods sexually. The thoughts of J, the way she touched, felt, tasted still are stored in the "bank" for my use.  

My second time was several years later. A former boyfriend contacted me and asked if I would be interested in joining in with his girl friend at the time. I was bored so I agreed. This time around I was the "old hand" as neither of them had done anything like this before. The dynamic was VERY different. The GF took the submissive role and I had to be teacher. However it was very obvious that the GF was not totally comfortable. She was there to please him and only touched me with frigid fingers. Shied away from my initiated contact with her.  Looking back at it I almost feel bad for her. This feeling is brought about mostly by my third experience. I still socialize with both of them and believe that since we have become better friends things would be better/easier. Also knowing the type of person she is now I would not put her in that situation.

Finally my third try. ~sigh~ This is my regrettable one. Live and learn right? I was seeing a man and he asked if I would be willing to bring in a second female. SURE! I had, had relative success in the past and it would make him happy. So the hunt began. From the very beginning it was awful for me. Always judging "what about her? Is she good enough for you?" and pushing "Just ask, we have to try or it will never happen." Plus I had to do all the work. "Well you are the female, it's easier for another girl to talk to you."  Then came the deadline. He is a very goal oriented person, generally in life that is a good thing. Not so much when dealing with females. He was bound and determined to find someone by the last day of the month. So all efforts were doubled. Finally via the lovely interwebz he found a willing participant who met the criteria. I was so fed up with the whole thing I just wanted it over with. He picked her up and brought her home one day that we had all agreed upon. She was so young! I actually asked for ID because she was so young looking. The amount of awkward was suffocating. Again I took the lead.....light kissing, easy petting. This gradually lead into heavier stuff and being the nice girl I am, she finally came. I was hoping this would calm her down a little bit and relax her. She seemed a little 'Big doe eyed scared shitless.' Oh it did calm her down, right to sleep. Which left me and my man to handle ourselves...umm...ourselves. I find the outcome amusing, but frustrating all the same. Gladly that relationship ended shortly there after. 


So there you have it boys and girls, my three stories about group sex. I hope you all enjoyed and see you next time.      


  1. Thank you for sharing your stories. It's an interesting topic for sure.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience and for the shameless Random Girl Blog pimping! It is much appreciated. I have Chrystal Rose doing a post for me soon that is taking a threesome from the girls angle but this really is a great fit as well for what has been going on at RGB. Thanks for sharing your experiences openly! Great post!

  3. Well I guess third times a charm is not always true. I've never had a threesome but would love to try. All three options. Not sure when or if it would ever happen can't even get a date now not to mention anything else but who knows in time.

    Hope future threesomes go awesome for you.

  4. Wonderful post from you my darling partner in crime...Like I told you yesterday, I'm actually a little jealous that you have gotten this experience and I havent, but I am proud of you dear! You take what you want.

  5. Really nice, and very sexy stories! I applaud the honesty - a lot of people are afraid to share stuff like that, and you didn't seem hesitant in the slightest. Cool cool cool!

  6. Enlightening post. Threesomes appear to be the minefield I always imagined they would be. Getting a situation where all parties are comfortable with it must be like trying to catch lightning in a bottle.