Monday, June 27, 2011

Mailbox mixup

I ordered a Wartenberg pinwheel a couple days ago from Eden Fantasys and I got my package today.  There was no problem with that portion of the shipment.  I got my pinwheel.  The problem was with the free gift.

See the free gift offered happened to be a Ultimate satisfier slim vibe.  I wasn't completely thrilled with it, but hey I'm always down for a new vibe.

The vibe looks like this

Well I dug in the box and I find this...

That is neither slim or a vibe...It was the free product so I'm not freaking out or anything.  I am glad I got the item that I wanted in the package at least.  The slip says that they sent the slim vibe.  Not sure which blind person put the package together.

Anyway I thought it was a little humorous and decided to share.  This anal monster toy may become my new paper weight :)


  1. AWESOME!!
    You could use it in the tub if the stopper ever breaks too. Just stuff it down the drain. LOL

  2. Lmao I ordered a book and selected that same freebie. Now I'm curious if I'll get a plug too. I'm actually hoping for that instead. If I get the slim vibe I think I'm going to throw it on the blog for a giveaway. Oh the wand came holy shit I about burned my clit off. Don't think I like it.

  3. Also just thought of that poor person who ordered the plug and got the slim vibe :( They are really going to be bummed.

  4. LOL. I love it!!! It's so pretty. I would put this on my bookshelf for dislay.