Sunday, June 5, 2011

Let me tell you.....

I was having a talk the other day with a dedicated reader and they mentioned that the name of this blog is Sexcapades but Br and I never seem to have any juicy stories. I am here to fix that. Just a little tid bit to keep you all entertained while we think of something better to write about.

It was late 2002 right after Halloween. I had just met this guy at a party and decided to chill with him one day after work. Really I only wanted to get laid. Being the first encounter with this boy we had all the normal pre-requisites for a college hookup....TV on, door closed, lights low. Things progress exactly as expected and I was delighted. Until we flip from girl on top to missionary position. You see instead of flipping left to right or rolling, I laid back and he moved to top. So this put his feet on the pillow and my head almost off the end of the bed. The vigorous pumping caused me to start to slide off the bed so I put my hand back over my head to steady myself on the wall. However it wasn't a was his dresser which had a rather large mirror attached. This poor piece of furniture was not of the best quality and the vigorous pumping caused the supports on the mirror to break. I heard the crack and tried to look up to see what happened, boy looked up and then covered my head with his arms and kind of shoved me under him. It all happened so fast I had no idea what was going on. Next thing I know he hollars, not even words just yelling in pain. I can feel wet dripping on my chest. Which turned out to be blood from his broken nose. What happened was the mirror broke off the dresser and slid down on to the bed. Boy covered me with his body (Like he wasn't already har har) to protect me from the mirror. This caused him to get hit directly in the face by the edge of it, breaking his nose.
What a great first hook up! Don't worry we made up for it after letting his face heal, double black eyes don't really do it for me.


  1. lol omg wow poor guy. Well at least you have an interesting sex story to tell.

  2. I have something similar to tell. It involved a headboard and a girl "excited" enough to break it.

  3. Very nice story, er well...funny :)

    Sounds like the sex itself was pretty good, and that was very polite of him to protect you.