Tuesday, June 7, 2011

That's what HE said!

Ever had a guy say "Girls are so hard to understand" or "I just don't GET you". Well I know that I personally think that about males sometimes too. So if you had a guy that would answer any question honestly what would you ask??

I have two guest contributors that have two different out looks with very different backgrounds and  experiences. So lets play 20 questions......

*In a Johnny Gilbert style voice* Now lets meet our men!
First we have "Heff Jr" he is a 27yr old college graduate who has no problem attracting the ladies. Heff Jr claims to have "dated", aka put his penis in, just about every type of girl out there. He is a self proclaimed recovering playboy.  I do have to say that I have known him personally for quite sometime and that recovering part is true. 

Next we have "ClaireBear" he is a 22yr old  who went straight in to the work force after high school. He has a romantic attitude when it comes to relationships. Despite having limited experience with dating and intimacy he has a good view on what he wants and enjoys. 

Please submit your questions in the comments section. Feel free to ask more then one and be as serious and politically correct or raunchy and gutter-rific as you want. I will choose the best cross section of 20 questions to be answered by both contributors. That post will be up on June 14th, so please have all questions in by June 13th.

I can't wait to see what you all come up with!


  1. Ah good men who's brains we can pick at like a zombie scoop em out with a melon baller and see what makes them tick.

    Okay here is mine. So a friend volunteered to be my friend with benefits, the first time we were to hook up he had some kind of emergency, the second time he forgot! Pissed me off and made the insecure girl in me freak out. I mean what kind of guy forgets pussy?
    Nothing for ages planned with him then my birthday was last week I had no plans just to sit at home with the family and relax, well I had wanted to get dressed up I mean it was my bday so I did, looking good I have to say so I went over to see him looking awesome mostly to be all ha this is what you forgot dumbass. Well next thing you know condom was pulled out and we were going at it, so my question is wtf is up with him? I know hes attracted to me every time he sees me hes looking at my chest, hes hard every time he sees me as well that I also know so why not share the penis more if you offered it. He said the time he forgot that he has family issues. When I asked someone they said it was probably sexual dysfunction lmao the penis works that's not it. A guy I asked said hes probably worried about pleasing you and you are too nice just go jump him. So my question pretty much is what is up with men? You want sex all the time then when you can get it your all meh!!!!????

  2. As a (particularly horny) guy, I'd like to throw my opinion out there, for whatever its worth:

    Unless your friend is honestly an idiot, I can promise you that he did not "forget" to score with you if, assuming you are pretty attractive, which I'm guessing you probably are :) On the contrary, I can almost guarantee you it was because of one of three things:

    1. He's full of himself. A jackass, if you will.

    2. He's trying to come up with some sort of "scheme" to get you to like him better, and is not doing a very good job of it. A lot of girls (not necessarily all) tend to like guys who are more emotionally distant because it creates a stronger sense of intrigue. Some guys like to play that to their advantage, and if that scenario is what is happening in your case, then either you don't like that trait in a man, or quite frankly, he sucks at using that as a tactic to get you to like him.

    3. He might like you more than you think, and therefore might be nervous or even afraid to initiate having sex with you. It sounds like you initiated the sex last week, which is probably why it happened, if this is the case. It could also be that he was trying to see if you would still pursue him after ditching you, which you did, in which case his plan succeeded.

    That's my two cents. I hope I wasn't intrusive or rude in any way. Just being honest, and I can understand your frustration. Good luck with him!

    Perhaps you should try to play him a little and see what he does? Without being too cruel, of course :)

    Good topic by the way, Rebecca.

    - 4

  3. What a great idea!

    Say you've been married nearly 10 years (married as a teenager) and your wife has always been reserved, would you welcome a change that spices things up? Would it freak you out to find out she started a blog like mine? ;) (Keep in mind I don't go giving a ton of details about our sex life) My husband isn't complaining about my wild side, but I'm not sure I want to tell him about the blog...though it would be fun for him to know about it and help select items for posting about.

    That leads me to another question, when I ask the man if he has any fantasies, he says NO. Really? Is that even possible? I would be willing to try absolutely anything he wanted and told him as much, and he still said he couldn't think of anything.

    I keep thinking of questions but I don't want to take up your whole comment section, haha.

  4. Heck keep the questions coming

  5. Okay so you think he's into me. Hmmm honestly I don't think that's the case. Finds me attractive yes he did volunteer also looks at my boobs all the time and really like to take pics of my clit emphasizing that I have a really big clit um thanks. But when I've brought up the canceling he says it's just that I can't do things now. His dad is sick is what he says. Idk what that has to do with the penis but okay. Also he initiated this time. Not sure what I should do. I mean we've had sex now can I expect it regularly should I booty call or back off if he's acting odd? Grrr don't know what to do why can't we simply have sex like normal people?!

    Play him how? Not sure what to do.

  6. Oh and thanks for the I'm guessing your attractive lol I don't know how "attractive" I am but other seam to think I look nice. Just saying so no one thinks I'm butt ugly and that's why. Also when the whole how about me as the friend with benefits came up we showed each other naked pics which he asked me to email to him so apparently he liked what he saw. Plus one time he reached over looked down my top and said nice. So again that's not it so wtf is up with him? What goes on in the head of a guy who can say no to a chick who's willing to give him some?

  7. One more thing sorry keep thinking stuff up. I have a hard time cumming he knows this, works at an adult store it's come up what can I say. Could it be what someone suggested that he's worried about pleasing me? I have been lately alone and during he even said you for sure came your all over me lol I was into it what can I say. Plus he's all about blow jobs which I'm not sure if it's him trying to not have to deal with me being hard to make cum or just a guy being a guy, not that I have a problem with blow jobs him I actually really enjoyed doing that with. I am nervous around him self conscious really is he picking that up? He's the first guy I've been with who I can honestly say I'm very physically attracted to.

  8. Jessica...I'm sure the guys are going to put in their 2 cents, but I have done the just sex with a lot of guys...Move on and keep the option open with him if you like the sex. Go out meet guys and try new things and if he really wants it he will persue it and you will know, but that just seems like to much damn work just to get laid.

  9. lmao I know right but he's right across the street and I'm lazy cause and it's convenient or would be. Plus with my work schedule it's a pain to meet people.

  10. Ok more questions for the guys but not about the annoying guy who rarely shares his penis.

    Are guys bothered by stretch marks, pooches and other shit girls are insecure about?

    Do guys just want a girl to be all I'm horny lets fuck even if she hasn't shaved her pits in months? Just wondering how bothered guys are about these things or do we worry for no reason?

  11. I don't know if he's necessarily into you or not, that was just an idea, but of course, its possible.

    And also, like you mentioned, insecurity is another possibility. What kind of feedback do you give him?

    If you don't want to talk about him anymore, that's fine too.

    Your last question is a little hard to answer since every guy is different, and some guys pride themselves on having super-high standards, while others would fuck ANYTHING with a vagina :) But I can tell you that generally, guys are a lot less bothered by minor imperfections than girls are, and want to get it on anyway. When its on your own body, its going to seem worse than it is. Not shaving the armpits (or legs) is probably a bad idea to be honest though. Most guys definitely don't like that! Stretch marks might depend on how severe the stretches are. Pooches, well, some guys actually prefer that to super-skinny! It all depends on who the guy is though.

    Sorry, I guess I didn't really answer those questions very well. I kinda skimmed through the last several comments.

  12. Hey Four thanks for taking the time to answer these for our readers, but buddy you are kinda ruining the post I have planned for next week. I have two guys "Heff Jr" and "ClaireBear" waiting to write a guest post for me where they answer all these questions in one shot. If you are interested in doing a weekly deal or something shot me or Brandi an email and we would love to make that happen.

  13. Four has a lot to say and thanks to him for answering my chaotic questions.

    I guess I just got a third guy to answer still looking forward to the post though.