Friday, June 10, 2011

Soft-Core Friday- Tie me up!!!

I'm tagging on to Random Girl and her super awesome Soft-Core Friday
A lot of you expressed interest in the rope bondage so I thought I would find something that you can do to spice things up.

One thing that is rarely talked about is the potential hazards of Shibari so be safe.  Please be aware of the persons range of motion capabilities and limitations, circulation, and potential nerve damage.  If you ever try any of this you need to have good communication with your partner.

I found a great tutorial for a single column tie.  Its one of the first things you learn and is the base of all other rope techniques.  This is the tutorial direct from the site...You can find the original article and others like safety and rope care here on the Warped Rope site.  They also sell rope too.

Single Column Tie
A column is anything you can tie directly around such as an arm or a leg. The single column tie secures a rope around just one limb and can therefore be used to tie someone spread-eagled to a bed or to a chair with one rope per column. It’s also the starting point in the box tie (chest harness). The single column tie also uses pretty much the only knot you’ll ever have to use :)

Start with the loop (bight) of a doubled piece of rope. Any length and diameter of rope can be used for this, but for comfort 6mm+ is preferred

Wrap around the column at least twice but you can wrap more if you like. Make sure all the ropes are neat and parallel and don’t cross.

Cross over the bight and the working end of the rope as if you were wrapping a parcel. This step helps you visualise what happens next:

Pass the bight under all the other ropes:

Tie an overhand knot (the kind you use when tying your shoelaces). Leaving as small a piece of the bight as possible sticking out helps with neatness:

Pulling on the working end (the end opposite to the bight/loop) should raise up the whole lot:

Run your finger around between rope and skin to even out tension and uncross any ropes and to verify circulation.
You’re done!

If you really are into this type of thing I seriously reccomend getting to a class.  I found mine through Fetlife and that seems to be the easiest way to get information.  You would be surprised where classes are and the amount of classes they have.

Now go and have a super kinky friday everyone


  1. I usually use ties. Neck ties I mean, not cable ties. That would be sinister.

  2. Love the quick lesson and the great link. I am so fascinated by bondage like this. I'll have to check into some classes. :)

  3. Buah ha ha Tony!

    I have no one to practice on. So I'll use my mom. .. that wouldn't be too weird would it?

  4. lol @Jess yes, yes it would. I wish they had classes for this in Dallas I haven't found any :(

  5. Love your blog already! i found you over at Mama Green on a Jess Resides here and I just HAD to follow :) LOVE THIs BLOG!!!!
    Mine is a bit more family friendly well after it gets a make over it wont be ALL family friendly lol... I use to sell sex toys so i want to start a sex ed page anyway hope you can check me out...