Monday, June 6, 2011

Strut your stuff - GIVEAWAY

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2. Lets see here.....what do we have going on this week. WELL I do have these toys I need to get rid of. So I guess if you would like some free stuff please leave your email in the comments section. This will be open till June 13th at noon thirty pst. The lucky winner will be chosen at random via 
This is what you are entering to win
 This is what Eden has to say about this wonderful toy.
G fun is a multispeed vibrator with enlarged G-spot curved tip. It is great for people that prefer bigger toys.
  • Multispeed vibrations are powered by 2 AA batteries and adjusted with the dial base;
  • The vibrating element is strategically positioned in the enlarged angled tip and delivers stimulation right to your G-spot;
  • Elongated, narrowed in the middle shaft allows reaching the G-spot easily;
  • Material is soft and transparent PVC. As with all PVC toys please wash toys prior to use and let air dry to reduce the initial odor. We strongly recommend using the condoms over this toy.

Question of the week:  Do you bend over backward to make your SO happy?
I would if I had to but in my current relationship I don't have to which is an amazing feeling. Previously I have moved all over the world to be with/ make my SO happy. We all know how that turned out.


  1. Sign me up, I need a new toy. And I'm glad you're in a good relationship where you don't have to bend over backwards to please them. :)


  2. Count me in for the toy please and nice that you have someone cool who you don't need to do everything for. It tends not to be appreciated, stupid men *stabs them with a fork*


  3. I'd love to try this G-spot toy :)

    thestephanieloves AT gmail DOT com

  4. No my hubby and I are not joined at the hip and don't need to bend over backwords to make each other happy...we just do!

    Please include me!

    mmafsmith at gmail dot com