Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Who wants a free bullet???

I think its time to have another giveaway :)

This time we are giving away a Multi Speed Basic Vibrating Bullet
So just make a comment and give us some love and leave a way to contact you.

Thats it :)
*this is only for US residents since I dont have an arm and a leg I want to give to USPS for shipping*
Winner will be selected on Monday, June 27th
The great thing about Eden Fantasys is that you get free stuff when you order things.  I always get the freebie regardless of what it is.  I already have a bullet so this shiny new one from Eden Fantasys could be yours.

We are awesome...I know


  1. oh oh oh pick me! :)

  2. Wow, that's awesome...I'm receiving my first sex toy in the mail tomorrow and it's from them, actually. Now I have a possible free gift to look forward to as well!

  3. Cool giveaway. That is an awesome thing about Eden. Gotta love it.

    Oh and what good thing did you buy to get the bullet? I'm curious lol


  4. I actually just bought fishnets for the photo shoot (free with a coupon code) and I got a free double bullet...I used my points to pay for shipping so I payed a total $0 for everything!

  5. Sign me up please. Yeah I seen this offer on their site, went to get it and they wanted to charge me for shipping. Free my as$. LOL.

    You know how to reach me. ;)

  6. Hey, I would like one of those!